Circus in the Sea is a collective of Chicago artists, musicians, and experimentalists — reviving analog and transforming the digital wasteland.


Circus in the Sea has shared the stage with acts including AUDIODREAM, Canter, The Vanish., Werewolves at Hour 30, Aviatrix on Fire, Blacker Face, FEE LION, Glad Rags, Lovely Little Girls, Shy Technology, Victories, and many more.


  • Alex Stockdale (Artwork, production, keys, drum machines)
  • Tia Kristia (Vocals, keys)
  • Axel “The Creature” Schulze (Bass, percussion)
  • Charlie Verbeiren (Guitar, bass)
  • Amy Casey (Album artwork on “Holly the Spectre”)
  • Teza Belmond (Backing vocals on “Lace”)
  • Edgar Decay (“Europa” Circus in the Sea Remix)

For booking and all other inquiries, please leave a message here.